July 17, 2012

[Review] Me Likes Tea

I was delaying to make this post because I'm not really used to post at blogs. I'll be doing a review about my first purchase at the online shop, Me likes tea. I bought an Marie's Elegance skirt and a Marie's Elegance Pettitcoat with extra-poof.

All the negotiation was made with Tai (the owner of the shop) and she was really helpful and patient with all my questions about the products.


I'm really satisfied with the purchase, the products fit perfectly and I would really buy with Tai again!

Order history:

21/05 - I made the order.
22/05 - I made the cash deposit.
17/06 - The products were ready.
19/06 - She sent.
26/06 - Arrived!


The package.

Behind of the package.
The package was torn but the inside was well packed.

Petticoat open.


I'm sorry about the bad quality of all the photos, I took it with my cellphone. :~

That's all. ♥~

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